Ship Accident in Asmat, Papua 7 people Died

Selasa, 28 Maret 2017


Ship Accident in Asmat, Papua 7 people Died

Transportation accidents occurred in Papua. A 15 Pk Long Boat Fiber or Speedboat with Agats route to Semendora with 11 passengers crashed at coordinates 06.10.16 S -138.23.29 E or between Muara Fayit and Muara Bayum and sunk at 18.00 WIT March 27, 2017. 4 people survived and 7 people died. Survivors on behalf of Katarina Piri, Sandi, Yana Atambor and Maya Akamor.

The ship was boarded by a contract teacher. The incident started on Monday morning, at around 06.00 pm, a group of teachers and children departed from Agats District to Safan District by using the 15 PK Boat Fiber which driven by Stefanus Sumarno.

The boat will depart from Asmat to Pantai Kasuar experienced an incident while at the entrance of the Bayun River. On the next day the incident was reported to the police, along with the joint team continue searchin for victims.