Shop Fire Accident in Jambi City, Two People Died


Shop Fire Accident in Jambi City, Two People Died

There was a fire on the Capt. A Bakarudin Simpang 3 sipin street, Alam Barajo Subdistrict, Jambi City on Saturday September 16, 2017. The fire was happened on two units of three-storey shop . As a result of the incident two store residents died and one other person suffered burns.

One victim died who suffered serious injuries to the head, but died while on his way to the MMC hospital and one person died due to serious injuries on one of the victim"s body. And one wounded on behalf suffered minor injuries and was immediately rushed to MMC Hospital.

This incident shocked the local community, because the incident occurred when many people who had fallen asleep immediately woke up because of the shopkeeper scream. Residents immediately flocked to help extinguish the fire.

Head of Jambi City Firefighter, Ridwan said the cause of the fire was due electric short circuit, when members extinguished the fire was overwhelmed because there are two shopkeepers that are locked and the owner is still inside trapped by fire. Firefighters forced to open the shop doors which made  from iron.

During the fire extinguishing process, members of firefighters were shocked to see shopkeepers jumping from the third floor along with their children, but one victim died while rushed to the hospital, while the other died in the hospital during the treatment process.