Signs where the Landslide will occur.


Signs where the Landslide will occur.

Landslides are not just going to happen on cleared land, but can also occur on land that does have good vegetation. Thus the need for precautions that can minimize the impact of landslides. There are several factors that can cause landslides occur in an area, internal factors and external factors. What are some of these factors, the following are factors that could cause landslides.

Internal factors

Internal factors which may cause landslides is a change in the slope of the sloped ramps become steep. Besides the type of rock and also the level of rocks weathering can cause landslides. Additionally, tectonic tremor may also triggered the landslides.

External factors

External factors that can cause landslides is where the shape of the slopes, and rain can also cause the formation sliding plane and also a wide range of human activities that could affect the slope stability. The activities of these activities are as follows:

  1. Abandon the land layout when developing the land
  2. Excessive trees logging that causing the vegetation of the land changed
  3. Increasing the load from outside the landslide prone areas such as too dense reforestation and large trees planting but the trees cannot be harvested.

Here below are the character of the areas that prone to landslides.

  1. The area has a slope of> 20%
  2. Soil has a thick weathering
  3. Layered sediment
  4. The high levels of rain and wetness levels are quite high.
  5. The occurrence of erosion at the foot of the slopes
  6. The decrease in slope

Then follows below is a sign of the signs of impending landslides your area:

  1. Layers of soil or rock that slanted towards the outside.
  2. There are cracks that formed a horseshoe
  3. There is water seepage on the slopes.
  4. There is a tree with a trunk that has been curved.