Sinking of a Ship in Takalar Waters


Sinking of a Ship in Takalar Waters

In this early February there had been a Marine transport accident in Takalar, South Sulawesi. The accident that happened in Mappakasunggu sub-district was the sinking of a passenger ship, Cahaya Irma Boat with Tampolana Destination sunk in Lamangkia waters, Marbo Subdistrict, Takalar District, South Sulawesi. Based on Health Crisis Center data, 9 people died.

The ship carrying dozens of passengers crashed on Friday (3/2) at around 14:00.

This accident happened because of bad weather and also high waves. thus making the ship intend to return to the coast of Topejawa Village by turning the bow.

But suddenly the boat was hit by big waves that hit the hull of the boat resulted in the boat body broke and upside down. From Health Crisis Center data, 21 people survived and most of the survivors were immediately taken to Padjonga Hospital.