Social Conflict with Ex-Gafatar Followers


Social Conflict with Ex-Gafatar Followers

Social Conflict with Ex-Gafatar Followers

On January 19, 2016 Gafatar followers gathering locations was destroyed and burnt. About 3.747 people had to be evacuated due to lost their house and to avoid riot. At Denbekang Dam XII TPR 1793 people and Company B Battalion 643 Infantry 440 people.

Health personnel, both military and local Health Department has made several attempts like health communication and coordination, monitoring and reporting progress, help mobilize Health Posts in collaboration with the military, including medicine distribution and complementary feeding.

2410 lives was repatriated and people still remains there were 1337 people. There was more 700 inhabitants inhabitants will arrived to there from Maya Island, Kayong Utara District  that will be accomodated in Denbekang Dam XII TPR.

Meanwhile another Gafatar followers refugees have also arrived in Jakarta, Central Java, and East Java. In Jakarta, the refugees accommodated in Panti Shelter TKI Kemensos facilities in Bambu Apus, East Jakarta about 436 inhabitants and Social Institution Bina Insan Bangu Power 116 people (32 families). Refugees in Central Java was accomodated in Haj Dormitory in Solo and Boyolali while in East Java in Surabaya Margerejo Transito building.

Health Crisis Center will continue to monitor the development of these events given the number of refugees were big enough and emerging and potential health crisis in shelters as well as not all refugees can return to their respective families.

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