Sprightly Facing Landslide Disasters


Sprightly Facing Landslide Disasters

Flood and landslide disaster is one of the most frequent disasters in Indonesia especially during the rainy season. Some areas in Indonesia have vulnerabilities to this disaster even some of them enter the red zone prone to landslides. Therefore, people must be alert in the face of landslide disaster, because this disaster not only cause damage but also can cause casualties.

Landslides are the occurrence of movement of soil, rocks or other large amounts of material that occur suddenly, usually in steep and unstable regions. The main cause of landslides is gravity, but the volume is influenced by various natural and human factors. Heavy rain can also trigger the occurrence of landslides.

The characteristics of areas prone to landslides

Areas of hills, slopes and mountains with slopes of more than 20 degrees.
Soil layer conditions are thick on the slopes.
Poor water system and land use.
Open or barren slopes due to brutal logging.
The existence of cracks at the top of the cliff.
There is a spring or seepage of water on a cliff accompanied by a small avalanche.
Excessive loading on the slopes such as the existence of a house or other building.
Sprightly Facing Landslide

Landslides occur suddenly, can occur during the day even occur at midnight. Landslides usually occur after heavy rains. Because this disaster occurs suddenly, the evacuation of the population as soon as it is known the cliff signs will be landslide.

Meanwhile, people who are in landslide prone areas have to conduct patrols in turn. Landslides that occur at night more casualties, because people do not have time to save themselves when they fall asleep.

It is better if there are signs of the cliff will landslide, we must evacuate or find a safe place while contacting the relevant parties to help conduct the evacuation.