Steps to Prevent Flooding in Your Area

Senin, 26 Desember 2016


Steps to Prevent Flooding in Your Area

Flooding sometimes be a problem in various cities, flooding is usually happened during the rainy season, the cause of the flood is very diverse, largely due to the high rainfall, but human activity that greatly underestimate the environmental problems can also increase the potential for flooding. Bad habits of society that is often encountered is throwing rubbish indiscriminately into ditches or rivers which can lead to accumulation of garbage, and river water can be inhibited and eventually overflow. The activities to cut down trees / illegal deforestation also has the potential to increase the occurrence of floods and landslides.

There are some efforts that can be done so that flooding can be prevented as early as possible, some of the steps are as follows:

  1. Take out the trash in the designated place
  2. Perform a cleansing of drains and trenches around the house so that the water flows smoothly and free of trash.
  3. Reforestation (reforestation of cleared land)
  4. Planting trees on vacant land so that the area could be a water absorption area.