Streak Transportation Accident at KM91 - Cipularang


Streak Transportation Accident at KM91 - Cipularang

There was a streak accident in KM 91 Cipularang Jakarta, Purwakarta, West Java, on Thursday Mei 18, 2017 night. The accident involved 10 vehicles. As a result of the incident 4 people died and 28 people were injured. The wounded persons were immediately taken to the hospital. But the suspected cause of the accident because a truck brake failure.

The accident occurred at 07:30 pm. The accident started when the trailer truck with number B 9769 UIV came from the direction of Bandung to Jakarta. When driving down a declining straight path, the truck is suspected losing control so that it enters the central lane, a truck driven by Sutrisno (36) crashing into a number of vehicles in front of him.

The vehicles involved in the accident were minibus Luxio with police number D 1315 AAL, minibus Mazda with police number B 1869 BIO, Isuzu Panther with police number B 1929 WMH, Honda Freed with police number B 8 FP, Microbus Elf City Trans with police number D 7905 AM , Toyota Avanza with police number D 1055 NY and Toyota Yaris with police number B 1480 FUC, Sirion with police number B 1875 KZX and last Bus Kencana Jaya with police number F 7580 SD.

The officers at the scene immediately took the casualties to the hospital. Other officers evacuate vehicles and regulate the flow of traffic. The victims were then taken to Siloam Hospital and Thamrin Hospital Purwakarta.