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00:00, 30-11-2017
High intensity of rainfall causes overflow of rivers in Baru village. Merangin district, Jambi. 5 houses submerged and 4.5 ha of paddy fields also submerged. There were no casualties in .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-11-2017
Flood disaster occured in Mangkang Wetan Hamlet, Tugu Subdistrict, Semarang District at 5:00 pm on 22 November 2017. Flood caused by overflow of Banyan river, this incident resulted 76 families .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-11-2017
Heavy rains since Sunday (19/11) made Batanghari River overflow causing flooding in Pemtanggajah Village. Until now residents still survive in their homes. Regent of Muaro Jambi district has made a .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-11-2017
Landslide occured in Banjarwaru Hamlet, Sindangbarang Village, Karangpucung Subdistrict Cilacap District. 2 houses collapsed after hit by landslides and 3 Houses were threatened by landslide. As many as 5 households .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-11-2017
Dozens of houses damaged by heavy wind and rain in Brajaasri Village, Way Jepara Subdistrict, East Lampung, Tuesday (14/11/2017) at around 2.30 pm. 44 people affected. There were no casualties .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-11-2017
Long duration rain overflowed Krueng Sultan Daulat which flooded the area of East Trumon. 97 households, 379 people affected in Gp. Lhok raya. The current condition of residents" houses is .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-11-2017
There has been a warehouse fire in the Karaban village, Gabus subdistrict, Pati District (7/11)  at around 11:30 pm. due to this incident 4 people suffered minor injuries on behalf .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-11-2017
Heavy Wind occurred in 4 villages at Pademawu Subdistrict, Pamekasan Distric. Material Losses: 20 houses were slightly damaged and 1 Rice Miller damaged. 1 house and 1 rice miller in Tanjung .. Read Full Article

00:00, 14-07-2017
Health Cluster Coordination Meeting with the theme of Health Cluster Preparedness in Facing the Threats of Banjir Bandang and Landslide Disasters was held on 12-14 July 2017 in Medan. Cluster .. Read Full Article

00:00, 19-09-2016
Emergency Response of flood disaster in Subang continued for 7 days until May 29, 2016. Main focus during this period is evacuation, fulfilling basic needs for refugees and emergency repair .. Read Full Article

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