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00:00, 30-10-2017
Deadly accidents on the Cipali Line happened again. This time the accident occurred in KM 132.600 Cipali Toll, Cirebon to Jakarta Line, precisely in the Cikawung Village, Terisi Subdistrict, Indramayu, .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-10-2017
An accident happened on August 25, 2017, involving cargo truck, public transportation and private vehicle at Karang Ploso Street, Girimoyo Village, Karanploso Subdistrict, Malang District. The accident began when cargo .. Read Full Article

00:00, 17-10-2017
Deadly accidents occur again, this time in the pantura line Demangharjo, Warureja District, Tegal regency, Central Java, Thursday June 8, 2017 at night. The accident involved four vehicles, namely a .. Read Full Article

00:00, 16-10-2017
Transportation accidents occurred again and take casualties. This time the bus carrying the study tour group Panca Karya Sentul vocational high school at Bogor plated K 1619 DM crashed in .. Read Full Article

00:00, 04-10-2017
There was a single accident involving one bus, namely Murni Jaya Bus with  Labuan Pandeglang-Kalideres route , West Jakarta, with the police number A-7670-KC on March 18, 2017. The accident .. Read Full Article

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