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00:00, 26-10-2017
Due to heavy rains accompanied by overflowing Muara Batang Gadis river, flash floods occured in the area of ​​Muara Batang Gadis (Hutarimbaru I, Hutarimbaru II, Lubuk Kapundung, Ranto Panjang Village). .. Read Full Article

00:00, 25-10-2017
Flash floods occured due to river embankment near the house residents broken-down. This incident caused the flash flood, water hit and damaged three houses residents. There was no casualties because .. Read Full Article

00:00, 30-10-2017
Flash flood disaster occurs in South Solok Regency. Due to heavy rain that occurred in the area resulted in a flash flood that hit four hamlets in Nagari Pakan Rabaa .. Read Full Article

00:00, 27-10-2017
Heavy rain that flushed the some area of Papua and its surroundings resulted in a flood disaster. On Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 4.00 pm heavy rain that occurred in .. Read Full Article

00:00, 04-10-2017
Preliminary Information Health Crisis Center to Flash floods disaster that occurred in 1 district, namely w. Sigala-gala District, ACEH TENGGARA, ACEH on 11-06-2017. Heavy rains occurred this afternoon when the time to break .. Read Full Article

00:00, 04-10-2017
Heavy rain that occurred in the City Area of Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra has resulted in the occurrence of flash floods. Almost every region in the area were hit by .. Read Full Article

00:00, 26-12-2016
On Wednesday, December 21, 2016, Floods hit several districts in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The districts affected by The flash flood are:          Kota Bima          Bima          Sumbawa Flash floods caused by increased .. Read Full Article

00:00, 28-09-2016
Mid-September 2016 became a disaster for residents in several areas around the Cimanuk river, Garut, West Java. Flash floods hit the area and many people became a victims. From Health .. Read Full Article

00:00, 24-09-2016
From gathered data by Health Crisis Centre until Sep, 24th 2016, at least 27 people died, 22 people lost, several others injured and hundreds are displaced because flash floods striked .. Read Full Article

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