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00:00, 04-12-2017
The socialization of risk reduction of health crisis was conducted in Kec. Purwakarta, Purwakarta District, West Java Province was assembled with social health service activity on 21 November 2017. Socialization .. Read Full Article

00:00, 24-07-2017
Privacy Policy Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia built the PUSAT KRISIS KESEHATAN app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by Kementerian Kesehatan Republik Indonesia at no cost and is intended .. Read Full Article

00:00, 24-10-2017
There has been an outbreak of Food Poisoning at West Sumatra 1 High School on Tuesday July 11, 2017 around 8.00 am. From 330 students whom ate soup, 49 students .. Read Full Article

00:00, 22-06-2017
The Health Crisis Center held a Coordination Meeting of Health Service Cluster held on June 20, 2017 at The Park Lane Hotel, South Jakarta. Participants who participated in the sub-health .. Read Full Article

00:00, 04-10-2017
Preliminary Information Flood in 1 District, BULUKUMBA, SOUTH SULAWESI | 28-05-2017 Preliminary Information Crisis Center Health to flood disaster that occurred in 1 sub district, namely Ujung Bulu, BULUKUMBA, SOUTH SULAWESI .. Read Full Article

00:00, 03-11-2017
The Health Crisis Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia followed the social service of health service in the framework of 98th TMMD which .. Read Full Article

00:00, 03-10-2017
Windstorm and landslides occurred in the districts of Lamaknen and South Lamaknen especially in the villages of Fulur, Makir, Mahuitas and Nualain The incident occurred on February 10th, 2017 and resulted .. Read Full Article

00:00, 29-09-2017
Preliminary Information Center of Health Crisis of Flash Flood that occurred in 1 sub district, namely Undaan, KUDUS, CENTRAL JAVA on 20-01-2017. In the preliminary data obtained from the local health .. Read Full Article

00:00, 24-08-2017
Preliminary Information Extraordinary Events (KLB) - Poisoning in 1 District, TANGERANG, BANTEN | 18-01-2017 Preliminary Information Crisis Center Health on Disaster Outbreaks (KLB) - Poisoning occurred in 1 sub-district, namely Jayanti, .. Read Full Article

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