the Bridal Entourage Ship sunk on Salebbo Island


the Bridal Entourage Ship sunk on Salebbo Island

Marine transport accidents have occurred in the waters of Salebbo Island Samatallu Borong, Mattiro Walie Village,  North Liukang Tupabbiring Sub-district, Pangkep DIstrict on Wednesday July 5, 2017, at around 13:00 pm. The accident involved a boat carrying a group of 30 bridegroom guests. The boat is used for Gatantar Penganting Activity to Salebbo Island with a Jolloro Ambulas Boat.

The sinking of the boat was due to overload. The incident started when the boat was shaky because many passengers are sitting on the board, when the incident happened the wind also blowing hard so the ship was continuosly shaky.

As a result of the incident, 9 people reportedly died. Others got injured. At the time of the incident, rescue team also tried to find four other passengers who participated in the entourage of this unlucky ship.

Meanwhile, the South Sulawesi Water Police and SAR team immediately evacuate the victims to be brought for identification and investigation purposes.