Things Could Causing Fires in Residential Area


Things Could Causing Fires in Residential Area

Fire is one of the non-natural disasters which usually occurs in a residential area or densely populated residential area. Here are the things that usually can cause fires.

Electrical installation

Usually, the thing with highest rate triggering the fire is electrical short circuit, and electrical appliances also experienced a short circuit, usually there are some electric appliances often experience short-circuit, which are:

Power cable, usually the cable that used not suitable with its purpose could lead cable wrapping layer can be burned.

Plug and electric socket, the use of these two are inseparable, because the only way the electrical appliances at home that can be used is to connect the plug into the outlet, the dangerous use of the plug into the outlet is by connecting them in parallel, for example there are cable roll associated with other cable roll so that was one outlet only accommodate 4 plug forced to support more plug by using cable roll.

Gas stove

This equipment has already become a common necessity in every home because beside it is used for cooking, gas itself is one of the government"s conversion program from kerosene to gas. In practice in the community, there are those who do not understand very well how the gas stove work, although the government has routinely conduct counseling related to the use of gas stoves. The cause of the fire due to a gas stove is usually due to a leak in the installation tube into the hose up to the stove, a gas leak is usually caused by the following:

Loose rubber seal causing the leaking of the gas stream and near the regulator on the tube

Hose leak due to rats bite or hose senile age

The Harness is loose

Gas channeling component of the stove experiencing a decreasing in quality so there is a pipe leak and corrosion.