Thousands of Houses Flooded in Cirebon


Thousands of Houses Flooded in Cirebon

Heavy rain that occurred in the area of ​​Cirebon District has resulted in flooding in some districts. Floods struck almost in some areas east of Cirebon regency. The flood occurred on Wednesday, February 15th) night.

Flooding occurred due to overflow of Ciamis river flow due to the swift delivery of water from upper areas. As is known, Cirebon District when heavy rained with intensity long enough to be the cause of the flood. In addition, the Flood also cut off the main road and flooded thousands of homes.

People are very surprised because the water comes suddenly and very quickly. People who witnessed the flood immediately panicked and evacuate themselves and their families. Large river dikes that collapsed make water quickly enter the residence area.

The floods cover the main road, making the riders headed for East Cirebon regency in the direction of Java should turned back to avoid the flood.

Based on the data of Health Crisis Center, Flood strike Astanajapura Sub-district, Kanci Village and several other sub-district.

As a result thousands of residents must be evacuated to safety.