Thousands of Houses Flooded in Samarinda


Thousands of Houses Flooded in Samarinda

Heavy rains that have occurred over the last few days in East Kalimantan have resulted in floods in Samarinda. Flood occurred on April 5, 2017 in the North Samarinda region and Samarinda Ulu, samarinda city. In addition, the flood that has occurred several days also soaked the city, even the protocol road of Gatot Subroto.

Floods with a height of 30-170 centimeters hit four villages in the Samarinda city, which caused nearly 1000 houses submerged. The locations are in four urban villages, namely Gunung Lingai Village, East Sempaja Village, Temindung Permai Village, and Lok Bahu Village.

The following impacts from the Flood are based on Health Crisis Center data:

    East Sempaja (Bengkuring Perum Puspita Area) 600 KK / 2000 inhabitants;
    Sungai Pinang, Sambutan 6 unit house with height of 40 cm
    South Sempaja with height of 50 cm
    Perum Griya Mukti (G Linggai), 511 KK, with height of 150 cm
    Muang Village, Lempake 50 KK, with height of 50 cm
    Air Putih, height 60 cm

Many people who have fled to safe place because of the flood was spreaded. The relevant agencies continue to evacuate and deal with a number of affected people. The worst floods was in North Samarinda District, especially along the riverbed of Karang Mumus River which located in Gunung Lingai.