Tips To Protect Yourself When Earthquake Occur

Senin, 26 Desember 2016


Tips To Protect Yourself When Earthquake Occur

Earthquakes can occur unexpectedly at any time, therefore it is necessary to know of what to do during an earthquake, the following are tips and ways you can do when an earthquake.

  1. Ran out of the house or building as soon as possible, if you were in the building, pay attention to the existing emergency instructions, obey the direction and instructions from authorized officer if there are one on the scene.
  2. Animals will usually have their own instincts when disasters such as earthquakes. Usually the animal will curl naturally. We can follow it up with a way to survive in a narrow area, you can take various positions next to an object, for example such as a sofa that still leave empty space next to it.
  3. Buildings made of wood in general is the type of building that is resistant to earthquakes, because the wood supple texture itself could move caused by the force of the earthquake. If the wooden building collapsed, there are still voids that secure that will be formed. If the brick building collapsed, the foundation will be shattered into pieces, so the risk to injury is high.
  4. If when the earthquake occur and we were in bed, then you can immediately rolled to the side of your bed. A safe void will be provided in the bed.
  5. If when the earthquake occur and we could not get out of the window or through the door then you can lie down next to the chair or the sofa.
  6. Do not stay behind the door when an earthquake happens, when a massive earthquake that may undermine the very large building happening, the back door was prone areas because the door could fall forward or backward to you, and the ceiling will override the body because of the collapse of the door earlier ,

Those are some tips that you can do during an earthquake, we must remain aware anywhere at any time, especially in areas that are frequently hit by earthquakes, learn your evacuation space during earthquakes, train member of the family as well when an earthquake happens to reduce the risks due to the earthquake.