Tragic Fire Incident in Palmerah


Tragic fire accident in Palmerah

There was a fire accident in Palmerah, West Jakarta on August 8, 2017. The fire burnt two houses on Semangka 3 Street, Kelat Jatipulo, Palmerah Subdistrict, West Jakarta. The incident occurred on Friday afternoon at around 1:15 pm. As a result of the incident, 4 people who are still one family died. The victim consists of mother and 3 children.

In addition, the fire also burned several other houses. There are about 4 Households (KK) which consists of 16 people have to evacuate because their house burnt.

The fire occurred allegedly due to a child who played fire. Without realizing the fire immediately enlarged and the victim did not have time to escape. Meanwhile, firefighters who came to the scene immediately extinguished the fire and evacuated the victim who still inside the building.