Transportation Accident Between Three Vehicles in Tegal, Central Java

By Staff PKK June, 09 2017 Important Issue
Transportation Accident Between Three Vehicles in Tegal, Central Java

Deadly accidents occur again, this time in the pantura line Demangharjo, Warureja District, Tegal regency, Central Java, Thursday June 8, 2017 at night. The accident involved four vehicles, namely a PO Pahala Kencana bus, tronton truck, box car, and Mitsubishi Kuda minibus. As a result of the incident. Two people were reported dead. They were truck driver and bus driver.

There were dozens of injured people , 13 people seriously injured people. 6 passengers were referred to the Siaga Medika Pemalang Hospital, 7 passengers were referred to Prima Medika Pemalang Hospital.

According to eyewitness, this accident started when Pahala Kencana B 7774 IZ drove from the west (Jakarta) with high speed. Arriving at the scene, precisely in front of Demangharjo 2 Elementary School, the bus with Bogor-Madura destination was shaked up to median pass the road and into the opposite lane.

At the same time from the opposite direction the box car G 1491 KA and tronton K 1781 AK. Box car was hit before the driver swerved to the left and plunged into the water channel. After that, Bus immediately hit the truck and made both vehicles heavily damaged on the front.

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