Transportation Accident on Wisata Bentar Main Road, Probolinggo

Sabtu, 15 Juli 2017


Transportation Accident on Wisata Bentar Main Road, Probolinggo

On July 14, 2017 there was an accident between a bus and a truck at Wisata Bentar Beach Main Road, Gending Subdistrict, Probolinggo at 3 am. 10 people died, 1 person was seriously injured and 8 minor injured were referred to get medical treatment at RSU Wonolangan. This incident involved a bus with a police number N 7130 UA and a truck with police number DR 8600 AB.

The cause of this incident is because between the bus and truck grazed the body of the bus. Medali Emas Bus is rumored to come from Bali that aims to Malang. The dead victim had been taken to the hospital room of Dr. M Saleh Hospital, Probolinggo. The victim died suspected of having a hard collision as sitting on the right side of the bus that suffered from a blow between two vehicles.

Efforts has been made with this incident were evacuating the casualty victim, providing medical services to the wounded, reporting to determine the cause of the accident and data collection of the victim who received medical treatment, and coordinating with the relevant hospital to assess the victim"s development.