Trucks That Carry 34 People Plunge into the River, 3 Dead


Truk Yang Mengangkut 34 Orang Terjun ke Sungai, 3 Orang Tewas

Deadly accidents occur again, this time occurred in the Purbalingga District, Central Java on June 30, 2017. Truck with plate number R 1940 CC transporting people splashed into a river in Serang Village, Karangreja Sub-district. As a result of the incident, 3 people died and 31 others injuried.

According to the victim"s information, the truck was originally used to bring a group of trips to Pantai Ayah, Kebumen. The group of 34 people passed through Serang, Karangreja. But the condition of the road is very difficult that is twisted and also up and down.

Arriving at the scene, the truck had met other vehicles. So it stops on a rather uphill road. But the truck is not quick enough to go up, so the truck is back down and hit the bridge boundary and then splashed into the bottom of the river. The evacuation of the victims was dramatic, raising the condition of the Soso River valley which has a steep and rocky character.