Various Factors that Causes Landslide


Various Factors that Causes Landslide

Of each occurrence of landslides, it usually occur because of the propulsive force contained on slopes greater than the retention force. The force itself can be affected anchoring of rock strength and density of the soil, and the propulsive force alone can usually be determined from various factors such as the large slope angle, water, weight and density soil / rock.

There are several factors that can cause landslides in your area. These factors can accumulate, which can cause a region may be more prone to landslides. Here are the factors that could cause landslides.

  • Rain

Landslides are not spared from the effects of rain, especially in November when the frequency of rain in some areas in Indonesia. Long dry season can affect the soil due to evaporation of water in large quantities that could make pores or voids appear in the soil.

  • Steep Slope Condition

Steep slope conditions can affect the force, where the steep slopes can be formed due to erosion of river water, sea water or wind. Slope angles that usually cause landslides was 180 degrees when the end of the steep slopes lie horizontally.

  • Soil that is less dense

Less dense soil or clay soil that has a thickness of 2.5 m and a steep slope angle> 220 can likely became the things that causing landslides, especially when rainfall occurs.

  • The rocks which not strong

The rocks that not strong, for example, volcanic sedimentary rocks and sedimentary rocks that have a size of sand which consists of a mixture of gravel, sand and clay. The rocks of this type can easily degenerate into soil while weathering occurs and could cause landslides if the rocks are located on steep slopes.

  • Vibration

Vibration is such as earthquakes, explosions, machine or vibrations caused by vehicle. As a result of this vibration usually cause the floor, the ground, or the building is cracked.

  • Erosion or water erosion

Soil erosion by water or erosion usually occurs near the cliff. Besides erosion can also occur because of the deforestation that are in the bend of the river which make the riverbank become a steep cliff.