Volcano Eruption Disaster Preparedness


Volcano Eruption Disaster Preparedness

There are few things that we need to know about how to prepare yourself, before, during, and after the volcano eruption disaster.


  1. Find about security system and emergency flow chart in your community.
  2. Alert about disaster which use to follow volcano eruption, i.e.:
    • Volcanic mudflow and flash flood.
    • Landslide and accidentally tossed volcano materials.
    • Earthquake.
    • Ash rain and acid rain.
    • Tsunami
  3. Make the evacuation plan
    • If you live in unsafe area, you have to know where the evacuation route is.
    • Arrange volcano alert community.
    • If your family members separate each other when the eruption occurred (i.e adults at work, children at school), try to join with other family member.
    • Keep in touch with relatives to help us to contact other family member. Each family member must have another members phone number.
  4. Arrange Emergency equipment stock, i.e.:  
    • Flashlight/battery, extra battery.
    • First Aid.
    • Emergency Food and Water.
    • Can opener
    • Facemasks.
    • Boots.
    • Use goggle and facemask when ash rain occurred.
  5. Contact local authority to get disaster management information.
  6. If you live in unsafe area, you have to obey all instruction from the authority.
  1. Follow each instruction from authority.
  2. Don t follow the wind blow and sheer off rivers which upper course is on the volcano.
  3. If you trapped at home, you have to:
    • Close all windows, doors, holes, and faucet.
    • Put all machine in garage or closed room.
    • Keep animal on closed and secure place.
  4. If you at open space, you have to:
    • Find nearest closed and secure place.
    • When accidentally tossed volcano materials occurred, protect your head with your hand in circle formation.
    • If you trapped near the river flow, be alert for volcanic mudflow, and find higher place.
    • Avoid yourself from rain.
    • Wear longhand shirt and trousers.
    • Use goggle to protect your eyes.
    • Use facemask or handkerchief for breathing.
    • Turn off your car engine, if you hear volcano mudflow.
  5. Keep away from dangerous area and watch the dangerous volcano eruption area on the map
  6. Keep away from river valley or lowland to prevent from mudflow or flashflood. Hot cloud and forest fire can be lethal even if we don t see the eruption; trying to approach the erupting volcano is very bad and dangerous idea.
  7. If river flow rises suddenly, go quickly to the higher place. Keep away from bridge when the river flow passes it. Volcano mudflow is very powerful; it contains mud and other dangerous volcano materials, and move with speed around 30-60 kmph. Hot cloud contains volcano s ash that could burn anything easily.
  8. Keep monitoring volcano eruption continuously.


  1. Keep away from volcano ash rain area.
  2. If you are at open space:
    • Use face mask to prevent volcano ash irritate your respiratory tract.
    • Use goggle to protect your eyes.
    • Cover your skin to prevent irritation from volcano ash.
    • Clean ash from your roof carefully, because it could be very heavy and could tear down the roof.
  3. Don t drives on hard volcano ash rain, the engine could suck the volcano ash and damage your car.
  4. If you have respiratory illness, keep away from volcano ash.
  5. Stay at home until situation is safe to go outside.
  6. Help your neighbors, like old person, disabled person, parentless child, pregnant women, etc.