We need to be wary of the occurrences of tornado in transitional season


We need to be wary of the occurrences of tornado in transitional season

Tornado has become one of the most common disaster, especially in times of season’s transition. Destructive power and the strength of this disaster is indeed large and could potentially cause health crisis problems. Citizens need to anticipate the occurrence of tornados in the region where tornado can easily blow away roofs, furniture objects, demolish the building, pulling a large tree out of the ground and damage to others.

The areas hit by cyclones can suffer from loss of material and destroying everything that stands on the ground even causing health crisis problems of the wounded to death. The enormity of the potential health crisis posed by this disaster is necessary to get attention for anyone, especially in the areas that are prone to cyclones especially during season’s transition.

The definition of tornado

Tornado itself is a type of wind that has a rotating movement and can reach a maximum speed of 70 to 80 km / h and occur over a short period of 5 to 10 minutes. Tornado in Indonesia alone usually occur during the day or evening during season transition. Season transition itself is a transitional season from rainy season to the dry season, or vice versa.

Signs of the occurrence of tornado

Sign of the tornado itself can be seen as follows:

If the weather is sunny in the morning time, usually during the daytime, in the sky will happen:

  • Lightning is visible
  • There was a roar from a distance
  • There is a Cumulonimbus (CB) cloud

In this condition tornado will usually occur.

Action to take when tornado occurred

Tornado is a disaster that cannot be prevented, if there are visible signs in your area that tornado will happen, immediately do the following as a precautionary measure to a tornado.

  1. Bring your goods into the house to be safe from the brunt of the wind.
  2. Close and lock windows also doors
  3. Turn off electricity directly from MCB and also unplug all attached electronic equipment
  4. Searching for information from the authorities as a further precaution.
  5. If you are inside a building, immediately find a safe room (bunker / ground floor)
  6. Take cover under a table, place a hand above the head and neck to cover the part.
  7. If you are outdoors, immediately find the lowest place that you can use to get down, ditch or under the bridge.
  8. If you"re driving, you can leave your vehicle, then look for the building or place that could be used for shelter around you.
  9. Beware of the trees if you are outside when the wind hit.

These appropriate action can save you from the dangers of a tornado.