West Bangka submerged Flood, More than 1900 People forced to evacuate.

By Webmaster January, 31 2017 Important Issue
West Bangka submerged Flood, More than 1900 People forced to evacuate.

Tidal water in Bangka Sea and heavy rain has triggered flooding in Bangka Barat district of Bangka Province on Saturday, January 28th 2017. From Health Crisis Center report, flooding caused the Daeng River and Tanjung Kelurahan sub-districts and forced 1,955 people to evacuate from their homes.

In the Daeng River village, there are 4 villages affected by floods, namely Belo village, Culung village, Ulu village, and Baru village. While in Tanjung Village there are 2 affected villages namely Tanjung village and Teluk Rubiah village. In two urban villages affected by the flood, about 890 homes were submerged and 1,955 residents evacuated.

In addition to impacting the community and its residences, the floods also have a devastating impact on the existing infrastructure in the district. It was reported that there are 2 bridges located in Mayang village and 1 bridge in Belo village that was cut off due to the flood that hit West Bangka district.

BMKG estimates that there is a potential for heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and lightning in some regions of Indonesia. Therefore, people are encouraged to increase their awareness related to disasters involving large winds and heavy rains, such as landslides and floods.

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