What is ROB Flood?


What is ROB Flood?

ROB flood is a phenomenon where the sea water is overflowing into the mainland. ROB floods can also be interpreted as a puddle of water on the coastal land that occurs when the tidal waters. So this phenomenon will inundate parts of the coastal plain or lower place of high tide sea level.

This phenomenon often occurs in Indonesia. Usually occurs in coastal cities such as in northern Jakarta, Semarang and Pekalongan. Residents living in the coastal areas are familiar with the ROB flood phenomenon. But sometimes the phenomenon is disturbing residents around the area, because the floods come regularly in the morning or afternoon and occur almost every season. Both the rainy season and the dry season.

Factors Which Causing ROB Flood

  • ROB floods occur due to the global climate phenomenon that is marked by an increase in temperature the earth from year to year.
  • The rain intensity is high, so the channel flow and function of the embankment are not maximal
  • Land subsidence incidence of sea level rise and decline in land surface
  • Due to the influence of high or low tides of sea water that occurs due to gravity factor
  • Factors or external forces such as a boost of water, wind or swell (waves that occur from a distance).
  • Occurs due to storms that are natural phenomena that often occur at sea.