Windstorm hit Farmers in Gowa District


Windstorm hit Farmers in Gowa District

Windstorm hit Teko Tanru Village, Nirannuang Village, Bontomarannu Sub-District, Gowa District in early April. In this incident reported 5 corn farmers died due to strucked by wooden cottage building containing a pile of corn that was hit by heavy rain and strong winds.

At the time of the incident, 4 people died in the location of the incident and 1 person died in Syekh Yusuf Local Hospital.

The incident occurred when 9 corn farmers take shelter under the cottage during heavy rains, while peeling the skin of corn under the building made of wood and bamboo, nine people did not expect the threat of strong winds that will come.

A moment later, there was a roar that made the farmers come out to evacuate. Suddenly the cottage building containing three tons of corn fell to the ground. 5 people late escaped to join the pile of corn and cottage.

The names of the three survivors include: Imawati Dg Mawar (23), Bontomanrannu, Gowa.

Ida Dg Tonji (20), Bontomanrannu Sub-District, Gowa.

Hana Dg Rannu (30), Bontomanrannu Sub-District, Gowa