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00:00, 08-11-2017
There has been a warehouse fire in the Karaban village, Gabus subdistrict, Pati District (7/11)  at around 11:30 pm. due to this incident 4 people suffered minor injuries on behalf .. Read Full Article

00:00, 06-11-2017
Heavy Wind occurred in 4 villages at Pademawu Subdistrict, Pamekasan Distric. Material Losses: 20 houses were slightly damaged and 1 Rice Miller damaged. 1 house and 1 rice miller in Tanjung .. Read Full Article

00:00, 03-11-2017
There was a sudden heavy rain during the day in the city of Kupang, Sikumana Sub-District, Maulafa Sub-district, East Nusa Tenggara Timur (2/11). This incident resulted in 123 units of .. Read Full Article

00:00, 02-11-2017
The owner of the house went to the garden while leaving the cooking stoves which not turned off and using it to roast firewood, then at 10:10 pm the firewood .. Read Full Article

20:00, 25-10-2017
There was a fire in the Cibencoy, Cisaat Village, Sukabumi District, West Java October 25, 2017. A total of 5 firefighters units are deployed to extinguish. The fire burnt 20 .. Read Full Article

15:42, 25-10-2017
The boat contains four people reported hit the waves on the way when fishing, Four fishermen reported missing in Majene Sub-District Sendana, Majene District on Saturday September 16, 2017 at .. Read Full Article

20:00, 24-10-2017
There has been heavy winds accompanied by heavy rain in the Polewali District (Lontara, Wattang, Takatidung Hamlet) Poliwali Mandar District, West Sulawesi Province at October 22, 2017 around 9.00 pm. .. Read Full Article

16:09, 24-10-2017
Heavy wind hit the settlement in Mempawah District, in Dusun Palawija, Simpang Empat Wajok Hilir Village, Mempawah, Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at around 9.00 pm. This incident affects 19 homes .. Read Full Article

12:18, 24-10-2017
A number of ships are burned by the fire in the Juwana District waters, Pati District, Central Java. In this incident, 14 motorboats were charred in the river channel of .. Read Full Article

21:00, 23-10-2017
There was a heavy winds on the Pangkalan II Street, Sumur Batu, Bantar gebang Subdistrict, Bekasi City at 4.00 pm on October 22, 2017. As a result 20 unit of .. Read Full Article

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