6,4 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Pidie Jaya District, Aceh Province, Hundreds People Died


6,4 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Aceh Province, Hundreds People Died

On December 7th, 2016, Wednesday morning, at 5:03 pm there was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook the region of Pidie Jaya District, Aceh Province. Based on data from BMKG, epicenter was at a distance of 106 km southeast of the Banda Aceh  city of with 15km depth from the activity of local faults.

From the BMKG analysis map of shocks showing earthquake shook several regions of Busugan, Meukobawang, Pangwabaroh, Meukopuue, Tanjong, Meukorumpuet, Panteraja, Angkieng, and Pohroh with intensity scale III-SIG BMKG (VI MMI). The entire region is potentially took minor damage to buildings such as cracks in the walls and fallen rooftop.

Until 05.30 pm, BMKG Monitoring shows 5 times of aftershocks with the largest aftershock of 4.8 magnitude. People are encouraged to remain calm, and follow any direction of local authorities and do not fall for a fake or hoax issues that can not be accounted for righteousness.

Health Crisis Center Data for list of victims (December 8th, 2016, 3.00pm) :

Dead : 99 people

Major Injured : 128 people

Minor Injured : 489 people

Displaced : 2154 people

Damaged health service building : RSUD Pidie Jaya


Bireuen District data :

Dead : 3 people

Major Injured : 50 people

Minor Injured : 53 people

Displaced : 1113 people


Pidie District data :

Dead : 1 people

Major Injured : 1 people