Active COVID-19 Cases Increase Again, Indonesia"s Entry Doors Tighten


Active COVID-19 Cases Increase Again, Indonesia"s Entry Doors Tighten

Right at the end of July 2022, an increase in active COVID-19 cases again occurred in the midst of Indonesian society. According to data released, there has been a three-fold increase in cases or the equivalent of 6,000 cases in just one month. So currently, the total number of active cases reaches 46,000 cases.

In response to these conditions, the government is quick to carry out various anticipatory and control measures, in order to prevent a wider spread of COVID-19 cases, one of the efforts being made is to tighten the entrance to the Indonesian state.

The implementation of this policy is one way to avoid the spread of cases from international travelers and the importation of cases that causes the spread of new variants from other countries.

In its implementation, the government has tightened entry to Indonesia by imposing an obligation to carry out a COVID-19 antigen test for every individual under the supervision of the port health office, the local health office, and other logistics-related parties.

With this policy, it is hoped that it will minimize the spread and help control cases of COVID-19 among Indonesian people. In addition, to support case-control, the Indonesian people are also expected to be disciplined in implementing the 5M health protocol and participating in the COVID-19 vaccination program, both primary and booster.

Immediately self-isolate and contact the nearest health facility through the telemedicine feature so that you can immediately get fast and appropriate treatment from health workers.