Earthquake at BINTUNI TELUK, WEST PAPUA, 21-05-2017


Earthquake at BINTUNI TELUK, WEST PAPUA, 21-05-2017

Preliminary Information Health Crisis Center for Earthquake disaster that occurred in 24 sub-districts, namely Arabo, Aranday, Babo, Bintuni, Biscoop, Beimes Plain, Fafurwar, Kaitaro, Kamundan, Kuri, Manimeri, Masyeta, Merdey, Meyado, West Moskona, South Moskona , East Moskona, North Moskona, Sumuri, Tembuni, Tomu, Tuhiba, Wamesa, Weriagar, BINTUNI BAY, WEST PAPUA on 21-05-2017.

An 4.4 SR earthquake on Sunday, at 14.56 pm local time shook Bintuni Bay District, West Papua Province but did not cause any damage.  Vibration of the earthquake, felt by residents of Bintuni Bay Regency. Residents residing in the high rise building felt the effects of the earthquake.

In the preliminary data obtained from the local health office coordinated with several related agencies then the number of victims who can be informed is no casualties in this accident.


District / City Health Office Efforts:

Monitoring and Coordination with the related Sector Cross.


Provincial Health Office Efforts:

Coordinate with the District Health Office of Bintuni Bay Regency


Regional Health Service Efforts:

Performing Assistance and Creating reports


Ministry of HealthEfforts:

Performing Assistance and Creating reports


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