Earthquake at TALAUD ISLANDS, NORTH SULAWESI, 10-04-2017


Earthquake at TALAUD ISLANDS, NORTH SULAWESI, 10-04-2017

Preliminary Information Health Crisis Center of Earthquake disaster that occurred in 18 sub-districts, namely Beo, South Beo, North Beo, Damao, Essang, South Essang, Gemeh, Kabaruan, Kalongan, Lirung, Melonguane, Melonguane East, Miangas, Moronge, Nanusa, Pulutan, Rainis, Salibabu, TALAUD ISLANDS, NORTH SULAWESI on 10-04-2017.

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred. The epicenter was at 188km North East of Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi with a depth of 66Km. This earthquake is not trigger tsunami.

In the preliminary data obtained from the local health office coordinated with several related agencies then the number of victims who can be informedwere 0 casualties.



District / City Health Office Efforts:

Ment health care in PKM.

Monitoring and Coordination with related sectors


Provincial Health Office Efforts:

Coordinate with Talaud Islands District


Regional Health Service Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting


Ministry of Health Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting


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Institution: Health Office of North Sulawesi province

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