Earthquake in SIMEULUE DISTRICT, ACEH, 14-03-2017


Earthquake in SIMEULUE DISTRICT, ACEH, 14-03-2017

Preliminary Earthquake Information in 10 District, DISTRICT SIMEULUE, ACEH | 14-03-2017

Preliminary Information of Health Crisis Center for Earthquake Disasters occurring in 10 sub-districts, Central Simeulue Subdistrict, Salang Sub-District, Teupah Barat Sub-District, East Simeulue Sub-District, Teluk Dalam, West Simeulue Sub-District, Teupah Selatan Sub-District, Alafan Sub-district, Teupah Tengah, Simeulue Cut, REGENCY OF SIMEULUE, ACEH on 14-03-2017.

In the preliminary data obtained from the local health office coordinated with several related agencies then the number of victims who can be informed is as many as 0 People, consisting of 0 people died, 0 people missing, 0 Injuries Weight / Hospitalization, 0 Luka Lingan / Outpatient and 0 Refugees.


District / City Health Office Efforts:

Conduct Monitoring and Coordination with related LS

Effort of Provincial Health Office:

Coordinate with Health Office Kab. Simeuleu

Regional Health Service Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting

Kemenkes Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting

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Agency: Aceh Provincial Health Office

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