Extraordinary Incident (KLB) - Poisoning in BULELENG, B A L I, 08-03-2017

Rabu, 08 Maret 2017


Extraordinary Incident (KLB) - Poisoning in BULELENG, B A L I, 08-03-2017

Preliminary Information Extraordinary Events (KLB) - Poisoning in 1 District, BULELENG, B A L I | 08-03-2017

Preliminary Information Crisis Center Health to Disaster Outbreak (KLB) - Poisoning occurred in 1 sub district, namely Seririt, BULELENG, B A L I on 08-03-2017.

In the preliminary data obtained from the local health office coordinated with several related agencies then the number of victims who can be informed is as many as 0 People, consisting of 0 people died, 0 people missing, 0 Injuries Weight / Hospitalization, 0 Luka Lingan / Outpatient and 0 Refugees.


District / City Health Office Efforts:

Monitoring and Coordination with related sectors. Coordinate with Puskesmas Sririt I related to the increasing number of victims. Handling and care of toxic victims. Take samples of food and vomit to labkes and BBPOM for examination

Effort of Provincial Health Office:

Coordinate with Kab.Buleleng and cross sector health office

Regional Health Service Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting

Kemenkes Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting

More info contact,

Institution: Dinkes Bali Province

Name of Reporter: Dr.Dewi Dharmalaksmi


No. Phone: 0852-3790-2896