Fire in 1 District, MERANTI, R I A U | 23-09-2017


Fire in 1 District, MERANTI, R I A U | 23-09-2017

Fire incident caused by electrical short circuit Ismail Kampyu Baryu Street, Selat Panjang Selatan Hamlet on Saturday night September 23, 2017. Fire made 3 houses burnt, 3 persons died because thiss incident. The fire was successfully extinguished at 11.00 pm and the body of the victim was evacuated to Selat Panjang Local Hospital.


District / City Health Office Efforts:

Conduct Monitoring and Coordination with related cross sectors

Establish ambulances and help evacuate victims


Provincial Health Office Efforts:

Coordinate with Meranti Islands District Health Office


Regional Health Service Efforts:


Ministry of Health Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting


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Agency: BPBD Meranti Islands Public Health Office and Data Centre Division

Name of Reporter: M.Arifin Maqrifat


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