Fire Incident in 1 District, PATI, CENTRAL JAVA | 15-07-2017

Selasa, 24 Oktober 2017


Fire Incident in 1 District, PATI, CENTRAL JAVA | 15-07-2017

A number of ships are burned by the fire in the Juwana District waters, Pati District, Central Java. In this incident, 14 motorboats were charred in the river channel of Bakaran Village area, Saturday July 11, 2017 noon around 0:15 pm.

Three people are known injured serious burns and must be rushed to the hospital, 2 of them evacuate to Kariyadi Hospital and the other one to Budi Agung Hospital. The cause of the fire is suspected due to the welding of the Motor Vessel at the incident location.


District / City Health Office Efforts:

Conducting Monitoring and Coordination with Cross-Related Sectors

Assisting the Evacuation of Victims to the Hospital.


Effort of Provincial Health Office:

Coordinate with Pati District Health Office


Regional Health Service Efforts:


Ministry of Health Efforts:

Monitoring and reporting


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Institution: Pati District Health Office

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