Flash flood in TOLI-TOLI, CENTRAL SULAWESI, 03-06-2017


Flash floodsin TOLI-TOLI, CENTRAL SULAWESI, 03-06-2017

Preliminary Information Health Crisis Center to Flash floods disaster that occurred in 4 districts, namely Baolan, Dako Pemean, Galang, Lampasio, TOLI-TOLI, CENTRAL SULAWESI on 03-06-2017.

Flash Flood Toli-Toli District occured on June 3, 03.00 pm. Flooding was caused by the high rainfall that occurred in the Central Sulawesi Region so that the river Tuwelei and Lembe river overflowed about 1-3m. This incident caused 2 people died. Salma (60) and rahmi (62) and 2 are still declared missing. 56,000 households were affected by floods, 15 houses were swept away, 3 government offices and 4 schools were flooded, and 1 bridge was broken.

In the preliminary data obtained from the local health office coordinated with several related agencies the number of victims who can be informed is as many as 4 people, consisting of 2 people died and 2 people missing.


District / City Health Office Efforts:

Preparing medicines to provide current healthcare needs

According to information that the stock of medicines for emergency response is insufficient 

Monitoring and Coordination with related cross sectors


Effort of Provincial Health Office:

Coordinate with Toli Toli District Health Office


Regional Health Service Efforts:

Monitoring and reporting


Ministry of Health Efforts:

Monitoring and reporting


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Institution: Dolce, Toli Toli District

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