Flash Floods Lunge Some District in NTB


Flash Floods Lunge Some District in NTB

On Wednesday, December 21, 2016, Floods hit several districts in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The districts affected by The flash flood are:

  •          Kota Bima
  •          Bima
  •          Sumbawa

Flash floods caused by increased growth of cloud which also expanded and spread to several districts in NTB related to tropical cyclone activity Yvette in the area of ​​the Indian Ocean in southern Bali, causing rain with moderate to heavy intensity in that region. From BMKG report, the tropical cyclone TC Yvette was already moving towards the east-southeast away from Indonesia.

Power and communications to this location was cut off, but since Thursday morning, the communication flow has been fully functional again. Based on data from Health Crisis Centre in Kota Bima the water level in this area reached one to two meters.

Floods have also damaging the residents building, such as houses and bridges, recorded in two villages in the district of Bima, the village of Mary and Village Kambilo, District Wawo at least 25 houses were severely damaged, five houses were swept away, 3 houses were damaged, and one bridge broken.

In addition to Bima, flash floods also struck Sumbawa. There are 120 families / 610 inhabitants affected in the district. Reported 1 home damaged, one house were damaged and two bridges that connect between villages cut off. Floodwaters at this location is one to two meters. Flights heading to Bima also cannot be done because the airport is flooded.

Health Crisis Centre coordinated with NTB Provincial Health Office, Bima City Health Office and Sumbawa regency to:

  •          Providing health services to the health post.
  •          Sending health team composed of physicians, psychiatrists, environmental health, nurse, Epidemiology, Sanitarian.
  •          Providing medicine and chlorine.

On Friday, December 23, the Ministry of Health sent the RHA team to the disaster site. The results of the RHA team activities will be used as a reference for the coordination of the efforts which will be done by the Ministry of Health in the next health crisis prevention in the disaster site.