Flood in Mojokerto, East Java on 19 February 2017


Flood in Mojokerto, East Java on 19 February 2017

From the information taken from the Health Crisis Center, there is disaster occurred in Mojokerto, East Java. Flood occurred in 2 districts which are Mojoanyar and Puri. From the preliminary data obtained from the local health department coordinated with related agencies, can be informed that there is no casualty on this disaster.

As the time this data is collected, the efforts been made by the District Health Office are conduct monitoring and coordination with across relevant sectors and providing health services to the flood victims. The Provincial Health Department already coordinating with the health office of Mojokerto regency. This disaster also monitored by the Regional Health Department and The Ministry of Health to get a report about what action should be taken to overcome this disaster.

For more information, please contact Mojokerto Disaster Management Agency.