Flood in ROKAN HULU, R I A U, 05-03-2017


Flood in ROKAN HULU, R I A U, 05-03-2017

Preliminary Information Crisis Center Health of flood disaster that occurred in 4 districts, namely Rambah, Tambusai, Rambah Hilir, Bonai Darussalam, ROKAN HULU, R I A U on 05-03-2017.

In the preliminary data obtained from the local health office coordinated with several related agencies then the number of victims who can be informed, there were no casualties from this disaster



District / City Health Office Efforts:

Providing health servicesto the local flood victims

Conducting Monitoring and Coordination with related cross sector.


Effort of Provincial Health Office:

Coordinate with Health Office of Rokan Hulu Regency.


Regional Health Service Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting.


Ministry of Health Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting.


More info contact,

Institution: Pusdalops BNPB

Name of Reporter:


No. Phone: 08121237575