Landslide 1 District, MAGELANG, CENTRAL JAVA | 18-12-2017


Landslide 1 District, MAGELANG, CENTRAL JAVA | 18-12-2017

Landslide incident occured again at the location of sand quarry mining in C-block quarry mining area in Kaliurang Village, Srumbung sub-district, Magelang district, Central Java Province on Monday (18/12/2017) at 10.00 am. At the time of the incident not in the rain. The sand and rock miners work to dig the cliffs.

Suddenly there was a landslide and immediately piling up the miners who were working. The victim seriously wounded as many as 8 people and 8 people died. 4 dead people were still in the process of identification.


District / City Health Office Efforts:

Conducting monitoring and coordination with related cross sector
Giving health services to the wounded person
Helping the evacuation process and brought dead people to Muntilan Hospital.

Provincial Health Office Efforts:

Coordinate with Magelang District Health Office

Regional Health Service Efforts:

Ministry of Health Efforts:

Monitoring and Reporting

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