Tangkuban Perahu Mountain West Java Eruption Updating News


Tangkuban Perahu Mountain West Java Eruption Updating News

After the eruption of Tangkuban Perahu, which occurred on Friday afternoon (7/26), the situation had begun to be conducive. The Tour Manager has closed the mountain tourist area in the administrative area of ​​Cikahuripan Village, Lembang Subdistrict, West Bandung, West Java. The Indonesian  Center for Volcanology of Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG) informs the affected area around a 500-meter radius from the crater. Government officials have evacuated climbers and visitors in the mountain tourist area. Anyone is not allowed to stay in the active crater area.

The Health Crisis Center has monitored and received reports of 46 tourists and residents coming to Cikole Public Health Center, National Police Leadership Institute Clinic, and Pasar Ahad Clinic due to eye irritation, shortness of breath, and abrasions. Up to now, there has been no information about post-incident fatalities or serious injuries.

The Subang District Health Office and the West Bandung District Health Office sent the Rapid Response Team (TRC) to the location and distributed 1550 masks to the community. Also, the health services in the two regions have prepared Palasari, Cikalapa, and Jalancagak Public Health Centers (in the Subang District area), and the Lembang, Jayagiri DTP, Cikole, and Cibodas Public Health Center (in the West Bandung District). The West Java Provincial Health Office coordinated with the two district health offices and sent a Surveillance Team and distributed 1000 masks.

Until now, PVMBG still determines the status of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain at Level I. What needs to be watched out is the occurrence of phreatic eruptions that are sudden and without precedence with clear volcanic symptoms and when the weather is cloudy or rainy due to the presence of volcanic gases can endanger human life.