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20:00, 25-08-2017
A total of 17 construction workers poisoned after eating lunch in the form of sea fish at lunch hour. A few moments later the victim began to feel the pain .. Read Full Article

20:00, 22-08-2017
Heavy wind occured in 2 Villages, Jembrana Sub-District, Jembrana District August 22, 2017 at 8.00 pm. 10 houses were affected, 4 houses in Air Kuning village, and 6 in Yeh .. Read Full Article

20:00, 20-08-2017
A car hit by a train at the railroad crossing of Gebang Selatan Street, Gemuh Sub-district, August 20, 2017. The accident started when the car crossed the railway crossing without .. Read Full Article

20:00, 19-08-2017
This accidents occurred in the Cekik forest, Gilimanuk hamlet, Melaya sub-district, Jembrana District, Bali. Buses carry nine passengers stumbled after being stranded with unidentified trucks. 1 person died and 8 .. Read Full Article

20:00, 18-08-2017
Dozens of Pesita Pesantren students (Pespres) Pelita Purwodadi, Grobogan District, Central Java were rushed to the clinic after suspected food poisoning after snack outside school. A total of 23 students .. Read Full Article

20:00, 13-08-2017
A Dormitory of Mercu Buana Estate employees burned down in Pulogadung, East Jakarta, at 8:30 morning. 18 Dormitory burned out, 13 units of firefighters deployed to extinguish the fire. There .. Read Full Article

20:00, 10-08-2017
A total of 7 students of Sangatta Utara 011 Elementary School, are now being treated at Northern Sangatta Community Health Center after eating sweets. The treated students complained of sick .. Read Full Article

20:00, 09-08-2017
There has been a fire of a house unit on the new central Pisangan IV street, behind the crickets market at Pisangan Baru, Matraman, East Jakarta on Tuesday, August 8, .. Read Full Article

20:00, 04-08-2017
There has been a fire at Cibaduyut Bandung on Thursday, August 3, 2017 around 3:30 pm. Nine buildings in burned down, five shops, two small restaurants, and two houses. 15 .. Read Full Article

20:00, 02-08-2017
Crane crauler lifter steel box (LRT runway) fell and override the house. This incident happened when it will install the above steel box as a railway lane Light Rail Transit .. Read Full Article

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