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PKK Activities
11:15, 28-02-2018
As mentioned in Healt Crisis Centre Strategic Palanning in 2018, Some Districts/City of West Nusa Tenggara Province such as Central Lombok, East Lombok, and West Lombok, that are target in .. Read Full Article

13:00, 24-11-2017
The socialization of risk reduction of health crisis was conducted in Kec. Purwakarta, Purwakarta District, West Java Province was assembled with social health service activity on 21 November 2017. Socialization .. Read Full Article

13:00, 21-11-2017
The Health Crisis Center has implemented the Health Crisis Relief Geladi in order to Sail Sabang 2017 starting with the implementation of the Technical Drill held at Mata Ie Resort .. Read Full Article

12:00, 21-11-2017
Dissemination of disaster risk reduction activities aims to increase community knowledge and understanding of disaster risk in the region as well as the health impact of the disaster. On November .. Read Full Article

11:00, 20-11-2017
Dissemination activities of disaster risk reduction were conducted in Raha City, Muna District, Southeast Sulawesi Province. The social event was held in Lagasa Village on November 15, 2017. The social .. Read Full Article

12:00, 15-11-2017
Activities of Coordination Meeting of Sub-Mental Health Cluster was held on 13 November 2017 at RR Gedung Prof Suyudi Ministry of Health. The purpose of this activity is to socialize .. Read Full Article

15:00, 03-11-2017
A total of 80 students from the Sriwijaya University Public Health Science Study Program were accompanied by four lecturers to visit the Health Ministry"s Health Crisis Center on Tuesday, 31st .. Read Full Article

20:00, 24-10-2017
Head of Health Ministry"s Health Crisis Center represented by Head of Evaluation and Information drg. M. Kamaruzzaman, M.Sc, received a visit of 7 delegates from representatives of ministries and institutions .. Read Full Article

20:00, 04-10-2017
The Health Crisis Center seeks to take action and respond quickly in addressing disaster risks. One of the activities implemented is Table Top Exercise (TTX) for implementation of health crisis .. Read Full Article

20:00, 04-10-2017
]Health Crisis Center held a Table Top Exercise activity to train managerial and coordination skills in health crisis management, for health cluster in Ende District, East Nusa Tenggara Province. This .. Read Full Article

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