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PKK Activities
20:00, 20-02-2016
Health Ministry help flood victims in Riau Province. Ministry of Health help includes a team of RHA (Rapid Health Assessment) as well as logistic support in the form of complementary .. Read Full Article

12:00, 20-02-2016
Curriculum Development and Officer Capacity Building TOT Modules In Preparation Assistance Contingency Plan WorkshopHealth Crisis Center held a "Curriculum Development and Officer Capacity Building TOT Modules In Preparation Assistance Contingency .. Read Full Article

20:00, 12-02-2016
1st Draft Meeting Regarding Health Crisis Review BookFirst draft meeting regarding the preparation of the health crisis management review book in 2015, which took place in 6th floor Health Crisis .. Read Full Article

12:30, 04-02-2016
Inauguration of Ministry of Health Echelon II and III posts was held in the Ministry of Health building at the beginning of January 2016, this event is a series of .. Read Full Article

12:50, 01-02-2016
Inauguration activities of Echelon II, III and IV, held in early January 2016 intends to strengthen the performance and service community to tackle the health crisis in Indonesia... Read Full Article

12:15, 22-01-2016
Gajah Mada University (UGM) invite the Head of Health Crisis Center, dr. Achmad Yurianto to be one of the speakers at the Kaleidoscope Seminar 2015 and Health Disaster Outlook Management .. Read Full Article

15:05, 28-05-2014
On 28 Mei to 31 Mei 2009 in Sanur, Bali Province, Crisis Center Ministry of Health conducted Training on How To Use Evacuation Equipment on Human at Water. This training .. Read Full Article

13:30, 06-01-2012
On 26 - 29 Januari 2010 at Yogyakarta, Crisis Center Ministry of Health in collaboration with  Health Service Management Center Gajah Mada University and World Health Organization (WHO) arranged Training .. Read Full Article

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